Car Premium Seat Heater & Massager Kit

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Introducing Check Corporation's Heated Seat Massage System

Check Corporation has been the innovator of Heated Seat Systems for the past twenty years.

Their Proven Technology is now available with a Built-in Massage system.

Check's Research and Development group has performed extensive and thorough testing over the years to refine & deliver the perfect Seat Massage System.

Reliable, durable, and easily installed under your Cloth or Leather seats.

The Massage motors and the peel and stick Premium Seat Heater elements fit

under the seat cover without detection and all wiring and hardware is installed out of sight.

This Kit Offers Four Different Massage Settings:
    * Low Intensity - Lower back
    * High Intensity - Lower back
    * Low Intensity - Lower and Upper back
    * High Intensity - Lower and Upper back

Three Different Heat Settings:
    * High
    * Medium
    * Low

System Functions:
    * No wands or programming necessary
    * 12 Volt System
    * Illuminated Switch

Three different modes of operation:
    * Massage and Heat
    * Massage Only - Great for Summertime
    * Heat Only
    * ...all with the ease of one switch

This kit is for a single car seat.


Below we have outlined a basic Seat Heater & Massager installation process for your information:

Your seats are removed from your car.

Then the plastic covers on the sides of your seats are removed.

Then the leather or fabric covers are unclipped from behind and underneath your seats.

These covers are rolled up out of the way so we can get to your seat foam.

The 4 x Massage Motors are then counter sunk and glued into the lower back of your seat foam.

 Then the Seat Heaters are glued to your seat foam and the wires threaded underneath your seats.

Your leather or fabric covers are then re-clipped back on just as before, the plastics are also put back on.

Your seats are re-installed back into your car.

The wiring and switches are then all connected..

For the driver - the switch is normally installed on the bottom right hand side of the seat plastic

where you drop your hand down to adjust the tilt of the seat.

For the passenger – the switch is normally installed on the bottom left hand side of the seat plastic

where you drop your hand down to adjust the tilt of the seat.

If you have any questions about Seat Heater installation

please call us on: 1800 422 832

Or feel free to email us:
[email protected]

Check Corporation

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