A4 GCC Laserfilm Red Label 90MY

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A4 Size - 210mm x 297mm

GCC´s new Laser Printer Film was specifically developed for users in the graphic arts market, and is an absolute must for those users dependent on a quality laser printer film in order to achieve the highest level of black toner density without hassle and fuss.

GCC Laser Printer Film is two-sided mat, with an anti-halo coated surface to deliver the blackest of blacks when it comes to toner density. Add to these ingredients a dash of GCC´s incredible toner density spray and you will find a black density up to triple that of original laser results.

Backed by our nearly 15 years of producing quality laser printers for the graphics and pre-press market, we can now offer this top quality laser film in both A4 and A3 size. GCC Laser Printer Film is µm90 thick and coated on a very stable thermal base. Market studies have shown that the bluish-grey colour of our film is actually preferred by most users.

GCC´s Film also employs a special thermal coated which produces less curl and waving of the imaged film than competitive products using thicknesses ranging from µm 100-115. Start enjoying blacker blacks without delay! Move up to GCC´s new A4 & A3 Laser Printer Film.

Email GCC at [email protected] or call 1800 422 832 to learn more about our Laser Printer Film. Ask for some free samples and compare the difference yourself!

GCC Laserfilm & Inkjet Film

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