GCC Toner Density Spray Aerosol

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If toner density and opacity are important to you, GCC´s Toner Density Spray is a must! Specially formulated to achieve maximum density and quality, with trouble-free preparation, you´ll save time, energy and money when it comes to your computer-to-film imaging needs.

Toner Density Spray was developed with the print professional in mind, and offers the user an efficient and cost-effective solution for preparing films for use in offset and screen printing.

Application: It couldn´t be easier! Simply spray your image gently, one layer at a time, until the required density is achieved. The result is sharper, denser images that deliver fantastic reproduction. The results are truly staggering!

Add to that GCC´s range of laser printers and NEW GCC Laser Printer Film, you´ll find yourself with high quality reproduction for you screen and offset printing needs.

Email GCC at [email protected] or call 1800 422 832 to learn more about our Toner Density Spray, and ask for our free sample kit. See the difference for yourself.

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