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Check Corporation Electric HotBags are made in a variety of sizes and styles to meet individual user requirements. All Check Electric HotBags are made to exacting specifications to meet or exceed your expectations. Once you have tried an Electric HotBag, you'll agree, they are the safest, most efficient way to deliver oven hot foods.
NEW! Check introduces the Food Service Electric HOTBAG for the commercial food service industry and consumer use. This bag is ideal for use on golf courses, catered events and tailgate picnics. The Food Service HOTBAG is made from 1000 Denier Nylon exterior, 200 Denier interior and has thermostat controlled heating elements (Top & Bottom) for constant even heat. It also has zipper top closure and a lighted power cord and connector. The FOOD SERVICE ELECTRIC HOTBAG keeps food at a safe, constant oven temperature for food deliveries, catering, tailgating and off-site food service.