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The theory behind the HOTBAG is simple.

Heat loss will occur, even when using the very best thermal insulated delivery bags.

When your pizza is placed into a standard thermal bag, heat loss begins immediately.

Steam is released from the hot Pizza and mixes with the colder air mass in the bag, causing condensation, and resulting in a cold and soggy pizza!

The HOTBAG on the other hand uses Thermo-loft insulation (rated as the industries very best) assuring minimum heat loss. This, combined with the heating elements, reduces heat loss to an absolute minimum, by maintaining the temperature inside the bags at a constant 160 to 175 degrees F. This very same insulation along with the ventilation built into the design of the HOTBAG will insure a HOT and yet CRISP product, each and every time.

There is simply no better solution for keeping your food HOT!

We have three sizes available:

Small HOTBAG - (Easily holds 2 x 16” or 3 x 14” pizzas) – 18" W x 18" L x 5.5" H

Medium Extra Wide HOTBAG - (Easily holds 3 x 18” or 4 x 16” pizzas) – 19" W x 21" L x 8.5" H

Large HOTBAG - (Easily holds 6 x 16” or 7 x 14” pizzas) – 18" W x 19" L x 12" H

Each HOTBAG needs it's own power source - which are sold separately.

You can choose from a 12V Car adapter or a 240V Wall Transformer or both!

Using our HOTBAGS will mean your pizza's will stay hot and oven fresh on every delivery!

No matter what the weather, traffic conditions or delivery distances.