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The new generation Electric HOTBAG is even more user friendly and versatile. The rear of the bag has a zippered opening allowing for the heating elements to be removed and for the bag to be laundered.

The light-weight heating elements are framed in flexible plastic for safety and ease of use. The elements can be removed for cleaning of the bag, or when the heating elements need to be replaced.

Pizza HOTBAG Battery Clamp


$49.00   $45.00
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Battery Clamp:  The Electric HOTBAG battery clamp provides direct power from the battery directly to the Electric HOTBAG.

HOTBAG & Blanket Warmer 12 Volt Connector


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Cigarette Connector: For deliveries, this cord is used to connect the Electric HOTBAG with the vehicles 12V electrical system to maintain the constant thermostatically controlled temperature in the bags heating elements.

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Pizza HOTBAG Fuse Box Harness


$49.00   $45.00
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Fuse Box Harness: The Electric HOTBAG fuse box harness provides a direct connection with the vehicles fuse box to power the Electric HOTBAG.

Pizza HOTBAG Outlet Adaptor - 2 Outlet


$49.00   $45.00
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Outlet Adaptor: The outlet adaptors allow either two or three Electric HOTBAGS to be plugged into a single cigarette lighter outlet at the same time.

Pizza HOTBAG Power Distribution Unit


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Power Distribution Unit: The HOTBAG Power Distribution Unit is the heart of the in-store Electric HOTBAG Heated Delivery System. Available with 6 outputs, the HOTBAG PDU is compact, lightweight, efficient and safe. Each outlet is protected by an overload breaker that can be reset, and features two "Power On" LED indicators. Each unit comes with six 6ft output power cords, and an 8' input power cord that simply plugs into a standard wall outlet. 110V or 220V versions available. 
2 Year Limited Warranty
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HOTBAG & Blanket Warmer Single Bag Power Unit


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Single Bag Power Unit: This unit is used to power just one bag. It can be used with an Electric HOTBAG for trial use or with the Food Service Electric HOTBAG for use at tailgate parties, on golf courses or any remote event away from a vehicle or the systems PDU.

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HOTBAG QUALI-TEMP Seal dispenser


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The HOTBAG QUALI-TEMP Seal dispenser: The dispenser peels the HOTBAG QUALI-TEMP  stickers off the backing for easy application. The dispenser holds 2 rolls of 1000 pieces each and can be wall-mounted or used on a tabletop.

Pizza HOTBAG Roll Of Quali-Temp Seals

CODE: QT1000

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The black dot on the sticker becomes transparent when heated, revealing the words, "It's HOT". The HOTBAG QUALI-TEMP Seal sticker also secures the pizza box, making it tamper-proof during the delivery process. Includes 1000 stickers

HOTBAG Replacement Elements

CODE: C/HB-Element

$165.00   $150.00
Hi Everyone, In stock and ready to ship! Replacement HOTBAG Elements now available and in stock, keep your bag's HOT. Elements are sold in a... More
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Minimum quantity for "HOTBAG Replacement Elements" is 1.

HOTBAG Scooter Power Adapter


$169.00   $149.00
Scooter Power Adapter – Powers up to 2 bags at once
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