Blanket Warmer Accessories

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Blanket Warmer Replacement Elements

CODE: C/BW-Element

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Replacement Blanket Warmer Elements now available, keep your blankets HOT. Elements are sold in a set of two elements one for top and one for the bottom.
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Minimum quantity for "Blanket Warmer Replacement Elements" is 1.

Blanket Warmer 12 Volt Connector


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Cigarette 12 Volt Connector: this cord is used to connect the Electric Blanket Warmer with the vehicles 12V electrical system to maintain the constant thermostatically controlled temperature in the bags heating elements.

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Blanket Warmer Single Bag Power Unit


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Single Bag Power Unit: This Australian 220 Volt transformer unit is used to power just one Electric Blanket Warmer. It comes with an Australian Power Cord. USA Cord is Pictured.

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Blanket Warmer Power Distribution Unit


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Power Distribution Unit: The Electric Blanket Warmer Power Distribution Unit comes with 6 outputs to heat 6 x Blanket Warmers at once, the Blanket Warmer PDU is compact, lightweight, efficient and safe. Each outlet is protected by an overload breaker that can be reset, and features two "Power On" LED indicators. Each unit comes with six 6ft output power cords, and an 8' input power cord that simply plugs into a standard wall outlet. Ships in Australia as a 230V version only. 
2 Year Limited Warranty
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