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Food Service Bag HOTBAG (top loading)


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Hi Everyone,

Due to an unprecedented new demand for the HOTBAGS..

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Hi Restaurant Owners,


Now your food can stay hot and oven fresh on every delivery!

No matter what the weather, traffic conditions or delivery distances.

The Check Corporation, manufacturers of automotive Seat Heaters, has applied this same technology to heat a series of flexible food delivery bags, by utilizing your vehicle’s power supply.

Merely plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter outlet, and then use the quick release connector when removing the HOTBAG from your vehicle during the delivery process.

The bag itself is made of 1000 Denier nylon, which is durable, flexible, lightweight and easy to clean.

The two heating elements (Left and Right Sides of the bag) are an integral part of the bag,

and do not interfere with the loading and/or unloading of the food, or the cleaning of the bag.

Simply remove the heating elements prior to laundering the bags. It’s that easy!

The entire catering HOTBAG is fully insulated using the Dupont’s Thermo-loft Insulation,

the finest available on the market today.

Thus, your food will have minimal heat loss from the kitchen to the delivery vehicle.

Once plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet, the catering HOTBAG will quickly make up the

heat loss and maintain the food's hot oven freshness.

The theory behind the HOTBAG is simple.
Heat loss will occur, even when using the very best thermal insulated delivery bag.

When your food is placed into a standard thermal bag, heat loss begins immediately.

Steam is released from the hot food and mixes with the colder air mass in the bag,

causing condensation, and resulting in cold and soggy food!

The HOTBAG on the other hand uses Thermo-loft insulation (rated as the industries very best)

assuring minimum heat loss. This, combined with the heating elements, reduces heat loss to an absolute minimum,

by maintaining the temperature inside the catering HOTBAGS at a constant 150 - 160 degrees F.

This very same insulation along with the ventilation built into the design of the

HOTBAG will insure HOT food, each and every time.

There is simply no better solution for keeping your food HOT!

Your customers really DO care how their Food is delivered.

You use the very best ingredients and work really hard to provide your
customers with the highest quality food possible.

So let us help you deliver the hottest, freshest food ever by using our
Electric HOTBAG™ catering bags
which maintain a constant 150 - 160°F internal temperature.

Our unique Dupont Thermoloft insulation keeps your Food Oven Fresh!
Our Dual Thermostat controlled heating elements keep them Oven Hot!
And your customers, will just absolutely love it and they’ll keep coming back!

After the catering HOTBAG is unplugged from the holding rack
and then plugged into the delivery vehicles power system,
Food can then be delivered right to the customer's door,
no matter how far away they are, Oven Hot.
And, since there is no moisture build up in the HOTBAG,
cold, soggy food is a thing of the past.

If you are after multiple bags - please contact us for our volume purchase discount!

Each catering HOTBAG needs it's own power source - that are sold separately.
 You can choose from a 12V Car adapter or a 240V Wall Transformer or both!

A 12V Car Adapter is available separately for $30

 A 240V Wall Transformer for a Single catering HOTBAG is available separately for $150

A 240V 6 x catering HOTBAG Mega Transformer is available separately for $600

This auction is for a Pasta Catering Electric Food Delivery HOTBAG.
 This holds 18 x 650ML Plastic Food Containers..
Dimensions are: 10"W x 14"L x 11"H

Features & Specifications of all our HOTBAGS:
1000 Denier Nylon Exterior & 600 Denier Nylon Interior
Electrically powered heating elements 
Powered by 13.8vDC (direct), or by 110-240v transformer
Weigh less than 2Kgs empty

The Electric HOTBAG is extra durable, light weight and easy to keep clean and handle.

Stop delivering average quality food and start delivering the very best you can!
Contact us now for more info!
Ph: 03 9736 1100

This Auction is for a Catering Food Service HOTBAG - in Black.